Feb 26/2018~Feb 28/2018
Adolescents program activities
[Adolescent Program Start]
?? Date: September 11th, 12th in September
?? location: Poblacion Health Center
?? Target audience:
  Age 13-year-old 18-year-old who does not go to school.
  Those who wish to participate, please contact the health center or each barangay health workers.
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Dear young people living in Muntinlua.
Everyone,  you has the right to live happily.
Being healthy is necessary to live happily.
On this homepage, in order for you to grow into a healthy adult.
We will provide necessary information for you.
When you are worried, when we are in trouble, we will support and protect you.
We wish you a healthy adult and a happy life.
                        From Muntinlupa Health office
                           Maria Teresa R. Tuliao M.D